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  • Period of Exhibitions 2015.12.30 ~ 2016.03.20
  • Category of Exhibitions Special Exhibition
  • No. of Exhibits 89점
  • Artists
  • Hosts/Organizers
  • Inquiry on Exhibitions 031-228-3800
  • Admission 성인 4,000 KRW

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The gaze of Hyperrealism is amazingly realistic.  
Hyperrealist gazes objectively and subtly tracks moments of daily life, and presents a lively portrait of a variety of attitudes and modes that are immanent in our lives. The realistic expressions, which exceed even photographs in their verisimilitude, show slices of reality, and the ideals and internalities that move about within it, and retrace the meanings beyond. Therefore, hyperrealism is also called photorealism, or superrealism.


The exhibition comprises three sections that each indicate the ideal, the reality, and human internalities. The eleven participating artists take on the frm of distanced observation, objective perspective, and radically realist representation, while presenting a new reality by infusing narratives full of personal emotions. The real, fully reflected, projects various junctures of life that exists beyond mere resemblance of reality or the joy of representation. 



Adam Beane | Carole A. Feuerman | Christopher David White | Diego Koi | Eloy M. Ramiro

Jeff Bartels | Marc Dennis | Marc Sijan | Marta Penter | Pablo J. Ruiz | Robin Eley

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